Outlandish Special

Posted: March 8, 2014 in Warcraft Weirdness

Since Blizzard had the Outlandish idea of returning to Draenor for the next expansion let’s take a look back at the first expansion for World of Warcraft




I searched through all of Winterspring
And I checked the Barrens twice
I asked in general chat
I even asked mankriks wife
I looked in Elwynn Forest
I searched in Theramore
I asked in Orgrimmar
And I looked in Molten Core
Then came the Cataclysm
So I rechecked every zone
I even went to the Maelstrom
And descended to Deepholme
I visited the Pandas
And even asked the Sha
On this quest of mine
I searched near and far
I took a boat to Northrend
And checked in Valliance
I interrogated Horde
And pestered the Alliance
I looked in Dalaran
And behind the Wrath Gate
I went back to Goldshire Tavern
Where we had our last date
I asked the dueling lowbies
And terrorised the twinks
I visited Shattrath City
To see what Ad’al thinks
I asked in Lower City
Where a troll sold me some soap
And I looked in Honor Hold
And left with little hope
But my search ended at last
I found her outside the wall
She turned and waved at me
When she heard me call
I couldn’t help but cheer
I’d thought we’d never meet
Then along came the Fel Reaver
And she was crushed beneath his feet




and featuring some Classic as well as Burning Crusade characters…



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