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Posted: March 24, 2014 in Elder Scrolls
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Sadly most of my Morrowind screenshots were lost in a tragic hard drive death many years ago, including the famous Balmora Pillow Tower, but one particular selection of Morrowinsanity survived and is finally returned to the loving embrace of the internet here, along with an assortment of silliness and some artistic shots from Oblivion and Skyrim

first up, by my braids it’s the Morrowind Boot Blasphemer!

boots01 boots02 boots03 boots04 boots05 boots06 boots07 boots08 boots09 boots10 boots11 boots12 boots13 boots14 boots15 boots16 boots17 boots18 boots19 boots20

and now for some Oblivinsanity…




talking to yourself is the 310,458th sign of madness. talking to Sheogorath is the second


sometimes making friends is easy… if you can find the right raw materials

710-1312053369 710-1312184039 710-1313752095
I first made Merricat to prove that an Oblivion girl doesn’t have to have breasts the size of her own head to be pretty. I think she came out rather well. She’s named after Mary Katherine Blackwood from Shirley Jackson’s amazing story We Have Always Lived In The Castle

Yes so very discreet and not at all a problem… (apologies for the mouse pointer, I somehow neglected to notice it when I took the screenshot and I kept forgetting to redo it when in game so in the end I just went with this one)

Qwerty Cousland visits Cyrodil


Make war not love! There’s a time and a place for everything… a battle is the time and place for killing enemy scum!

Merricat always gets butterflies at job interviews
Merricat’s Curriculum Vitae
Merricat Whitewood
Various residences including Skingrad, Imperial City, Chorrol and Anvil
Education: Self taught at blades (with the scars to prove it), alchemy (with the burns to prove it), speechcraft (the marks from the slaps have faded so you’ll have to take my word for it) and stealing (check your pockets) amongst other skills
Previous work experience: Champion of Cyrodil having helped Ned Stark avenge the death of his father Captain Picard at the hands of some daft cultists. Former Champion of the Imperial City Arena (retired after the infamous “pushing a Bosmer fan through an Oblivion gate” incident). Definitely not the Grey Fox at all, in no way affiliated with the Thieves Guild, not that it exists
Relevant skills: Aiding various Daedra Lords including Sheo himself in a fun “rain of burning dogs” prophecy. Highly skilled at chopping hostile creatures and humanoids into tiny chunks. Knows a lot about poisonous mushrooms
Next of kin: Constance Whitewhood currently residing in Morrowind
References: Clavicus Vile. High Chancellor Ocato. Vilja. Corvus Umbranox.

and finally some Skyrinsanity





The Dragonborn drives a hard bargain. Everything is negotiable. Even the seating arrangements

On all my previous characters I always went through Bleak Falls Barrow just after reaching Riverwood. This time though, I went to Whiterun first. I picked up the quest from Farengar and then completed the dungeon, discovering an extra scene on my return. A very easy to miss early indication that there’s more to Delphine than innkeeping


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