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Posted: May 27, 2014 in Poems
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A few words…

Don’t blame yourself for the mistakes you’ve made
Congratulate yourself for the mistakes you’ve learned from

You can never change your past but
You can always change your future

and a few poems. which are also words…

The Long Road

It’s a long, long road I travel
And I’m moving oh so slow
From the places where I suffered
To a place where I can grow
I cannot catch my future
Because I can’t outrun my past
And I can barely see the present
Because I’m moving far too fast
The road signs say I’m lost
But I’ve lots of time to spare
Because no matter where or how fast I go
I’m always almost there


You never saw the danger
When you sent me out that door
You never saw the battle
When you sent me out to war
You never saw the wounds
The scars that couldn’t heal
You never saw the pain
That I’ll always feel

You never saw the signs
Of the hell they put me through
You never saw their sickness
Or everything they do
You never saw the problem
In sending me to their lair
You never saw the truth
Too blind to even care

Darling Parasite

You’re the lie that I can’t live without
The falsehood I don’t doubt
You’re every fear made flesh
And life without you is death

You have your claws in my mind
I can’t escape your thrall
I used to think you were everything
But you’re nothing at all

Let me go
Free me from my plight
Have mercy
My darling parasite

One Last Lie

One last lie
For old times sake
One last promise
For us to break
One last lie
One last mistake

One last fight
After one last try
One last kiss
To say goodbye
I say I hate you
One last lie


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