Dragon Strange: Part 25

Posted: June 3, 2014 in Dragon Strange
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Part 25

Alistair: Another werewolf!
Doggigan: I am not a werewolf!
Alistair: Don’t trust her, it’s a talking dog! It must be a were creature
Doggigan: You know very well who I am
Alistair: Can we kill her anyway?
Qwerty: Maybe if her rivalry goes up again
Doggigan riva…friendship +10?
Qwerty: Better. Good doggy!
Doggigan (mutters): Go with the Warden she said. Stop the Blight she said. It’ll be fun she said. I swear I’d be sending someone to kill her right now if I hadn’t already
Alistair: Werewolf!
Doggigan: I am not a bloody…
Alistair: No, there!
Qwerty: Where?


Alistair: No! Were!
Qwerty: Nowhere? Then what’s the problem?
Alistair: Look over there! A werewolf!
Qwerty: Oh, therewolf! Why didn’t you say so?
Alistair bursts into tears of frustration
Morrigan friendship +10
Danyla: Hi, could you help me please?
Shale: Does it want us to help it die perhaps? I’m sure we could help with that
Danyla: Actually yes. And then please deliver…
Qwerty: I don’t think she was done talking
Leliana: She was holding out this scarf, I think she wanted us to deliver it
Alistair: Perhaps the golem would like to wear it. Who’s a pretty girly golem?
Shale: Would It object if I tore the whiny ones head off and punted it?
Alistair: Or we could just carry it around in your bag with the twenty or so swords, full sets of armour, shields, bows and… Oghren?!
Oghren: What, how did you think I kept turning up?
Right click Oghren. Mark as junk
Qwerty: Now to find a merchant…
Oghren rivalry +50
Qwerty: Anyway my psychic powers say that one of the Dalish Elves wants this
Leliana: Is it just me or are walking in circles?
Alistair: You’re right, this does look familiar
Doggigan: I can sense some magic, I think it’s confusing us and turning us around
Qwerty: Ok let’s go a different direction then
Hermit: Oh no, no no I’m not ready yet! Mustn’t disturb me, you mustn’t must you?
Alistair: Seems like he’s already quite disturbed…
Qwerty: Who are you?
Hermit: Yes, questions! Questions yes! Ask a question and get a question would you like to play?
Qwerty: I already asked a question
Alistair: How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck would chuck wood?
Hermit: No! No! No no no no no! Not a valid question! Go away! I refuse to put up with…


Alistair: Where do babies come from?
Hermit: Babylon! Yes you see I knew that one, didn’t think I would did you?
Qwerty: Was that your question?
Hermit: What? Was it? I suppose so yes. Damn it, now it’s your turn
Qwerty: Do you have the Oak’s acorn?
Hermit: Yes I do, I took it and you can’t have it! My turn now. What is your favourite colour?
Qwerty: Octarine. What would you trade for the acorn?
Hermit: Kill the oak and it’s yours. Why is your hair pink?
Qwerty: Because I’m a pretty, pretty princess. Why do you want the Oak dead?
Hermit: Why? Why? Why not! Why shouldn’t I?
Qwerty: That’s a fair few questions isn’t it? Doesn’t that mean you lose?
Hermit: What? Damn it! You and your cheating methods of enforcing the rules! Fine, you want the acorn we’ll trade for it. What do you have?
Qwerty: Alistair
Alistair rivalry +10
Qwerty: A book. A scarf. Oghren
Oghren rivalry +10
Qwerty: A cheese sandwich
Alistair rivalry +25
Qwerty: Or a rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle
Hermit grabs the book and runs away. A few seconds later an acorn appears several inches above Qwerty’s head and falls
Qwerty: Well that was… questionable

The party return to the Oak, pausing only to fight several waves of trees, darkspawn and werewolves
Oak: My seed is at last returned to me, you’ve made me a very happy tree
Qwerty: Great. Can you help us get through the magical barrier?
Oak: Through the barrier thou must pass, using this map and compass
Leliana: You can’t rhyme pass with compass!
Oak: Oh just go away!

The party return to the magical barrier, pausing only to fight several waves of trees, darkspawn and werewolves
Swiftrunner: Intruders! We will not let you pass this time!
Qwerty throws a stick. The werewolves start to run but quickly return
Swiftrunner: Your stick throwing mind tricks won’t work on us! Attack!
Swiftrunner explodes into a billion pieces as he’s stabbed but several more waves of werewolves jump out of trees nowhere near strong enough to have supported their weight
Suddenly a white wolf jumps out and knocks Swiftrunner to safety despite him having exploded
Qwerty: I never quite get used to seeing that happen. Oh well, onwards!

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