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Yeah, about that. Dragon Strange will continue, I’ve been a bit busy lately. Partly with real life stuff and partly because of a couple of new projects, the Shadesphere Chronicles which is a story, or rather a series of interconnected stories, that have been floating around in my imagination for years and I’m finally getting around to sorting out and putting to paper (metaphorically, fingers to computer keyboard is the more literal description). I’ve also been playing a lot of Portal 2 and making my own maps… so if anyone reading this is a Portal fan (or in fact if anyone is actually reading this at all!) you might want to take a look at the maps over here!

My personal favourites are

We Have Always Lived In The Aperture Science Laboratories and They Have Always Lived In The Aperture Science Laboratories are based on the novel We Have Always Lived In The Castle by Shirely Jackson. Both feature Merricat and Constance represented by a Companion Cube (Merricube) and a Frankenturret respectively

Going Up looks like a simple map but has a few tricks and surprises

Are You Feeling Blue? is a reminder that whenever you make a mess, somebody has to clean it up

There Must Be Some Way Out Of Here is a two story maze with glass walls. the question is, do transparent walls make it easier to find your way around or do they make it more confusing?